Topics: Urgent – Dental Clinics inside WALMART?

Comfort Care Dental Management, LLC in AZ (Queen Creek) and CA (Chino and Moreno Valley)

Sensible Dental, LLC in LA (Lake Charles), AL (Fairhope), and MO (KirkWood)


Labor Laws and IRS violation, Unlicensed Practice of Dentistry, OHSHA and Dental Practice Act, Stark and Unlicensed Ownership (PYRAMID SCAM) Interests, and DEA violations to come as soon as grand opening ceremonies are commenced.

The entire profession and the well-being of the general public are at stake folks! If you received this email, they are at your doorstep already. Public and Professional Awareness will be key in preventing the Profession of Dentistry of becoming part of the sweat shop mentality.

Please help make this injustice known to your local politicians, legislators, news media, post it on your site, and inform local press. The emails of involved parties are attached in the charts, please express you concerns. The American Public, the Eligible and Ethical Dentists, the Profession of Dentistry as a cumulative, as well as Quality Care are at risk and control by Corporate Unlicensed Interests (e.g. absentee owners, hedge fund managers, corrupt elements in the state societies, and illegal profiteers) while performing unlicensed practice of dentistry with one front man. It is being sold as organized dentistry, performing community service, advancing dental knowledge, and serving the public that is underserved.

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I went to sensible dental in walmart in Kirkwood,Missouri hated it I was given a 3d X ray and about 8 X rays with a hand held X ray machine my teeth weren't cleaned they were picked and scraped during the exam i believe the doctor scraped a piece of my filing off and tried to charge my 65.00 to fix it.i asked for a estimate for invisilign it was 6,200 and 4,800 I would be responsible for even though my dental insurance pays 50 percent of orthodontics and after all was said and done I was extremely disappointed.and all they really did was take a bunch of X rays

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #678950

Oh please! Do some of you read what you type?

I can testify to the ones owned in Cali and Arizona, they are not owned or operated by walmart. It's very much like the subways, McDonald's and nail salons.

Walmart leases the space to the business and in return the get a piece of the profit..

People don't mind going a doc in a box or an urgent care, how is this different. They are there for convienence..

to Cat #809142

Cat, how do you know or attest to it. Do you work for there?

to Cat #1056486

Sensible Dental is not ran by walmart. They lease space.


I find these comments amusing. I understand freedom of speech, but these comments are from people who are mad.

The ad for the company clearly states at the bottom in small print not combined with insurance. Before making an appointment check with your insurance and see if the DDS is In network. Walmart does not own Sensible either. If people just took care of their teeth, then just maybe you wouldn't have a huge bill.

I have been a patient since they have opened, and I love the staff. I checked with my insurance ahead of time, and take care of my teeth.

I found that their pricing is quite reasonable than most places. :) :grin


How are these SCAM artists allowed to stay open? Someone needs to look into this.


I used a simular dental system several years ago as a traveling nurse. I am currently using the one in St Louis, Mo.

I got excellent service, saw the same dentist each time and did not have to put up with the clinic stituation that the insurance company attempted to force me to accept.

I got a concerned and involved dentist who was sure I was aware of the problems he saw, the most immediate problem and advised me on each step he took. It also saved me gas and money to do everything in one area.


If you are even thinking about going to a dentist inside a WalMart, STOP!

Your treatment will not be based on your best healthcare needs, but on what income goal has been set by the corporations who is operating the place. Don't be fooled.

This is not a dentist who has rented a space inside Walmart to treat patients at a convenient location with convenient hours of operations, even though that may be how it's marketed.

This is a corporation, likely Walmart hidden behind a couple of corporations, who has hired this dentist and if the dentist doesn't meet set income quotas, he's gone and you are screwed as a patient.

Chances of seeing the same dentist the next time will be slim to none.

And for certain, don't be the last patient of the day, because you are likely to get "the works" just to meet the days income quota. The employees have likely been promised a bonus and you may be the one person who stand between your dentist and his bonus.


When chosing dental providers, notice if there are experienced employees. Do they know the laws and correct procedures to fix dental problems.

Make sure they don't charge your insurance for more expensive procedures than those you actually get. If your insurance paid for a cast metal frame partial and your partial is not made of metal they you need to ask why your insurance was lied to and how they intend to make it right. In if you need an extractioin ask for a copy of the x ray to check with other dentist for cost and whether the extraction is simple or surgical. Sensible dental is not giving patients what their ads promise.

I know I contacted my insurance company and they got my money back for things my insurance paid for yet should have been free. :(


*Know your dentist and if your insurance company is charged for things you didn't get or are suposed to be free; call your ins provider n report this. Insurance fraud is a serious problem and hurts everyone while lining the pockets of unprofessional dentist (s) .

Sensible Dental is a chain to be avoided. Maybe see if K Mart or Dollar general has a dentist it couldn't be worse


Know your dentist and if your insurance company is charged for things you didn't get or are suposed to be free; call your ins provider n report this. Insurance fraud is a serious problem and hurts everyone while lining the pockets of unprofessional dentist (s)


Entirely uninformed.

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